About Hightower Products

Hightower Products is helping redefine the mold release market, delivering cutting-edge technology combined with superior customer service. 

Bringing together both technical expertise and high-quality production systems, our team has over 40 years of experience producing raw materials which work as the backbone to most modern mold releases. Our experts have been producing mold release building blocks for decades; we pour this expertise into every final product we produce.

As a company, we also feel that being a responsible corporate citizen and delivering top-notch technology and service are not mutually exclusive. Since we are not just a formulator of mold release agents, we have an intimate knowledge of the risks and hazards of all of the chemicals we use. Our corporate philosophy is that we will not expose our customers to any risk that we do not find acceptable to ourselves or our workers. Since we have family members that work in our plant, this is a very personal decision for us.

We do not just follow the legislation enforced today - we go beyond those to include what we know is correct. We do that on the basis that legislation lags real risk, and laws are influenced by factors other than science. Our experienced team works tirelessly to ensure we develop products as efficiently as possible, using the safest chemistry available and matched to meet your specific demands.

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