Semi-Permanent Release
Durable and specially formulated for multiple uses, reducing rejection and buildup.
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Our number one goal is to ensure your process is clean, efficient, and sustainable. We combine chemical engineering expertise with high-tech manufacturing to provide our customers with high-quality custom release agents that not only produce better results, they are safer for your employees and the environment.

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Markets Using Hightower Semi-Permanent Release
  • Rubber
  • Composites
  • Polyurethane
  • Plastics

Let Hightower Maximize Your Output with Semi-Permanent Release Agents

Shoe sole moldExperience Easier Release With Semi-Permanent Mold Agents

Contrary to conventional agents, our semi-permanent mold releases are durable and specially formulated to reduce rejection and buildup, allowing for multiple uses throughout your production process. Whether you want ready-to-use release agents, or the ability to dilute them yourself, we have a variety of release agent options for you to choose from.

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When you work with Hightower Products, there’s no question your product will release the first time, every time. Benefits to semi-permanent release agents include:

  • Multiple releases for even the most demanding materials
  • Thin and thorough coatings, preserving intricacies of molds
  • Overall reduced agent application
  • Easy to apply formulas
  • Mold protection during storage
  • Low agent buildup on machinery, reducing cleanup

Supported Materials and Processes

Semi-permanent mold releases are ideal for materials such as rubber, plastics, composite materials, urethanes, and polyurethanes. It is also applicable for engineered composites such as wood, concrete, and asphalt. If you have any questions of whether semi-permanent mold release is a good fit for your needs, call Hightower Products today. 

The biggest differentiator between semi-permanent release agents and others is their ability for multiple releases from one application. This increases efficiency and production output by reducing the need to stop and apply more mold release. This solution works as a functional crosslinking polymer and chemically bonds to itself to create a physical barrier that protects both the mold and the product itself. It is also low transferring, which means most of the release agent will stay where it should. Bottom line, a semi-permanent release will save you time, money, and cleaning effort in the long run.

Benefits to Semi-Permanent Mold Release Agents:

  • Several releases per application
  • Coatings that are even and preserve the specific details of the mold 
  • Less time cleaning and maintains the part's appearance
  • Increases efficiency
  • Protects molds
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