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Dry quickly with superior finishes and wetting characteristics.
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Markets Using Hightower Low VOC Mold Release
  • Composites
  • Polyurethane

Low-VOC and VOC-Free Mold Release Agents

Mold release agent in a glass beakerSafer, Yet Still Effective Release Agent Solutions

Included in our line of products at Hightower are low-VOC release agents. VOC or volatile organic compounds are materials that are increasingly being monitored in the chemical industry today. In many applications, our water-based materials, that are almost zero VOC, may be the answer.

However, some molding operations require a hard wax release agent that is best deposited with a small amount of solvent co-emulsified along with the release solids. We call these materials “co-solvent release agents”.  Contact Hightower Products today and ask whether our low VOC release agents are the best solution for you.

Hightower developed products to benefit your operation in many ways, including maximizing your process by: 

  • Providing maximum release for even the most difficult molds
  • Easy to use formulas
  • Reducing the number of harmful chemicals in your environment
  • Allowing material to flow better in the mold
  • Increasing safety standards
  • Cost savings

Low-VOC and VOC-Free Mold Release Agent | Hightower Products - materialsSupported Materials and Processes

Low VOC products, also known as co-solvent or hybrid mold release, are primarily used in polyurethane and composites molding operations. These release agents are targeted mostly for polyurethane molding operations where the molding temperatures and process conditions are such that water-based products are difficult to use.

This is most evident in flexible foam molding where solvent-based mold release has been required historically, but reducing VOC outputs is becoming more and more important.

Benefits of Using Low-VOC and VOC-Free Agents:

  • They reduce the overall level of VOC chemicals in the air of your workspace
  • They provide superior finishes and wetting characteristics
  • They perform well over a variety of temperatures
  • Water and solvent-based options dry quickly
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