Case Studies

Mold Cleaning


October 2019

Current Situation:

The customer was having difficulty cleaning their molds with their standard heat and wipe method. The buildup generated by the mold release and polyurethane would not melt.


Improve the effectiveness of a heat and wipe mold cleaning system.


Once it was determined how hot they could heat the tools, we developed a hard wax base coat that would be applied to a clean tool.

This material functions as a mold sealer and base coat.

The wax blend had a high enough melt point, so it provided a hard film even with the exothermic temperature generated by the foam reaction but would become liquid when the mold heaters were turned up to the cleaning temperatures.

Using this process allowed the customer to effectively use the heat and wipe method and eliminated the need for chemical cleaners or ice blasting.

VOC Reduction

Reduce VOC output related to mold release to avoid the installation of an RTO unit or the process for additional permitting. Reduction in the fire risk and insurance costs is an ancillary benefit. Mold cleaning needs to remain the ‘heat and wipe process’ used by this plant. No chemical cleaning and no ice blasting is possible...

Concentrate vs. Ready to Use

Reduce cleaning frequency, less overspray, reduce costs and improve product consistency. The added benefit is that ready to use material is QC tested, a concentrate after being diluted is not. Process control is superior with a ready to use material...
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