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Minimizing Turn-Around Time for Clients in Need


April/May 2020

Current Product:

Mold Release for Automotive Molded Carpet


Find a quick solution for an automotive molded carpet manufacture that had lost its supplier.


In April 2020, Hightower Products received a call from a custom automotive carpet manufacturer that was in desperate need of a mold release solution to replace their former supplier's product, as it was no longer available.

We lacked an off the shelf solution that would meet their needs. Our technical sales team worked with our client to collect process data and delivered it to our lab team. The lab used this information to quickly make three product selections to ship out to the customer for testing.


From the initial phone call to the time we shipped, the process took one week. The customer ended up selecting which product worked best. We then sent larger samples for further testing. Further testing was proven to be successful, and we converted the customer over to our product.

VOC Reduction

Reduce VOC output related to mold release to avoid the installation of an RTO unit or the process for additional permitting. Reduction in the fire risk and insurance costs is an ancillary benefit. Mold cleaning needs to remain the ‘heat and wipe process’ used by this plant. No chemical cleaning and no ice blasting is possible...

Concentrate vs. Ready to Use

Reduce cleaning frequency, less overspray, reduce costs and improve product consistency. The added benefit is that ready to use material is QC tested, a concentrate after being diluted is not. Process control is superior with a ready to use material...
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