Case Studies

Going The Extra Mile For Our Clients


June/July 2020

Current Product:

Mold Releasefor fiberglass/polyurethane automotive headliners


Hand deliver a product to a customer's facility we do not supply.


We received a call on a Saturday from one of our customers, a manufacturer of automotive headliners. While the company has plants stationed globally, Hightower Products only supplies a number of its facilities. The call was from a facility that we didn't supply at that time.

The facility informed us that they were having supply issues and could not get mold release in time from their existing supplier. They knew about us since we sell to their sister plant, so they contacted us to see if we could get the material.


Even though our operations were closed for the weekend, our Sales Director met our Operations Director at our plant, loaded the material into a pickup, and drove the product down from Michigan to Kentucky, getting our client's facility back up and running.

VOC Reduction

Reduce VOC output related to mold release to avoid the installation of an RTO unit or the process for additional permitting. Reduction in the fire risk and insurance costs is an ancillary benefit. Mold cleaning needs to remain the ‘heat and wipe process’ used by this plant. No chemical cleaning and no ice blasting is possible...

Concentrate vs. Ready to Use

Reduce cleaning frequency, less overspray, reduce costs and improve product consistency. The added benefit is that ready to use material is QC tested, a concentrate after being diluted is not. Process control is superior with a ready to use material...
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