Effective PFAS-free Release Agents
As the need to move away from PFAS-containing release agents becomes more urgent due to a growing spate of regulations moving through regulatory systems worldwide, many companies are discovering a need to switch to chemistry that delivers effective results without the use of fluoropolymers. Hightower Products’ innovative wax and silicone release agents have never used any products under the PFAS umbrella in our chemistry.
Water-Based Release Agents a Good Investment as Oil Prices Stay High
Water-Based Release Agents are a Good Investment as Oil Prices Stay High
Reduce VOC’s in Automotive-Seating Molding Operations
Cosolvents are “substances added to a primary solvent in small amounts to increase the...

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We’re More Than Just Chemistry
With Hightower Products, you’re never left in a sticky situation.

Our number one goal is to ensure your process is clean, efficient, and sustainable. We combine chemical engineering expertise with high-tech manufacturing to provide our customers with high-quality custom release agents that not only produce better results, they are safer for your employees and the environment.

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